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Invest in Janitorial

Aug 15, 2017

Like most services, the commercial cleaning industry is all about performance. Not all commercial cleaning companies are created equal and it is imperative to invest in a high-quality commercial janitorial services company. Why invest in a high-quality janitorial services company? A high-quality company ensures quality services are provided. The quality of janitorial services provided at…

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Facts About Microfibers Textiles

Mar 19, 2015
MicroFiber Blog Image 2

Who doesn’t love these little beauties?!  Microfiber cloths have swept across the nation over the last few years and have come to be the main use for cleaning a lot of things.  Additionally, they have proven to be both affordable and greener than traditional paper towels over the course of time!  But what makes them…

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10 Green Practices for the Office

Mar 18, 2015
LEADGreen Wet Frog 1

As one of the leaders in going green in the work place, Metroclean has continued to proudly offer aid with our LEADGreen program.  But that raises the question, how can you and your office go green?  We’ve compiled a few solutions that will help everyone lesser the carbon footprints we leave behind from around our…

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Welcoming New Team Members

Sep 17, 2014

As Metroclean continues to grow, we have welcomed two new members to our team! Meet Tami Arteaga Metroclean welcomes Tami Arteaga to our sales team as our new Business Development Manager. Tami has been directly involved in Business to Business selling for over 14 years and is enthusiastic about working with our current customers as well…

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Proper Grout Cleaning & Why Kaivac is the Best For It

Jul 22, 2014

Most odors in restrooms reside in the grout, believe it or not. If you are able to smells odors in restrooms, it more than likely means its not being cleaned properly. Traditional mopping of restroom floors just pushes around the grime and doesn’t get rid of it. What has been found highly effective in cleaning restroom…

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Metroclean Will Make Your Building Sparkle & Shine!

Jun 4, 2014

We had a great time at the BOMA Expo at Reliant Center on May 22! We loved seeing our customers and industry friends and met a lot of great property managers/facility managers and others that work within the building services industry. Our theme this year was “We will make your building sparkle & shine!” Metroclean is…

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Benefits of Microfiber

May 2, 2014

At a recent Earth Day event that Metroclean participated in, we handed out microfiber cloths as a promotional item. Everyone was in love with them and some people were even asking for two! I’ve never really used microfiber personally, but once I saw the response by everyone, I decided to take one home for myself…

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BOMA Expo at Reliant Center- May 22

Apr 1, 2014

Where will you be on May 22nd? We’ll be at the 2014 BOMA Expo at Reliant Center! Stop by and see us- booth #515 and 517!

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The Janitor Who Invented Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

Mar 31, 2014

  Richard Montanez worked as a janitor at the Frito-Lay Rancho Chucamungo plant in California. After eating a cup of corn mixed with butter, chile and cheese, Richard had a bright idea to spice up Cheetos. After calling the president of Frito-Lay, he was granted the opportunity to make a presentation on his product. His…

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